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Purchase and Installation

It's important to us that your site works properly for your members, and you don't have to struggle with some script for several hours. Therefore, we will always installation our products for you both as a professional courtesy and to ensure they are installed and function correctly.

The whole point of getting software is to make your job easier, to make it so you don't have to concern yourself about password sites or similar problems again. All you need to do is submit your order and we'll take care of the rest.

Orders are normally processed within 3-5 business days, provided the requirements for usage are met at the time the order is placed and the information provided on the order form is accurate.

With the release of Strongbox 5.0, our pricing model has undergone some revisions. We will post the new pricing model on this page as soon as possible.

------- ** WARNING! ** -------

It is a federal crime to knowingly make unauthorized copies of copyrighted software.
If you have purchased licenses to use any of our software, this does NOT, in any way, grant you any rights to:

  • make additional copies
  • modify any part
  • make distributions in its enirety or of any part

In accordance with U.S. law, penalties for the above stated criminal act, which can consist at minimum of making illegal copies of our software and/or replicating its general conception/operation are:

  • Fines of up to $250,000 USD
  • Imprisonment for 5 years

Additionally, violators will be assessed maximium civil damages.
All rights reserved.

In addition to applicable criminal proceedings, violations of these laws, including illegal copying, will incur liquidated damages starting at $2,000 USD per-infraction.