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Reports and Member Management Module

This module provides reports of the most active users over any chosen time period, the most active usernames, etc. You can look up any username to see the exact times, dates, and IPs when they logged in to your site. You can also see what the Strongbox security systemtm determined about the attempted logins. If a username or IP range is suspended or disabled you'll be able to see exactly why. This is also helpful with users who claim to have never used your site and ask for a refund. More than once the Strongbox security systemtm webmaster has had a hearty laugh as they emailed a user a complete record of the 22 times the person "used" the site over the last 5 weeks. The users generally apologize and comment on how much they really do like the site. This module also shows any errors that may have occurred, to help in resolving customer complaints. See the screenshots below to get an idea of the kind of information provided.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5